Founded in 1981 and headquartered in Midland, Texas,

Petroplex is the longest standing independent provider of acidizing services in the Permian Basin (Permian). We maintain strong, long-term relationships with our blue-chip E&P customer base and serve a majority of the largest producers in the Permian. Infrastructure and scale; a large equipment base and strategically located facilities enable Petroplex to service small and large E&P customers who require timely service and strong performance record. Petroplex also has a best-in-class safety and environmental program that meets the highest standards set by our large E&P customers.


Tony Cunningham

Mr. Cunningham joined Petroplex as an acid truck operator in 1981. In 1986, Mr. Cunningham was named Vice-President and began managing the Company’s day-to-day operations. In addition, Mr. Cunningham is responsible of full oversight of the Midland and Lovington facilities. He has over 36 years of relevant industry experience and has served multiple roles throughout his career at Petroplex including treater supervisor, salesman and operations manager. Prior to joining Petroplex, Mr. Cunningham spent five years at Philips Petroleum.

Our History
Petroplex founded by Larry Foster in July
The Company’s started with a fleet consisting of four pressure pumping units
Current CEO, Tony Cunningham joins the Company as acid pump truck operator
Begins servicing three fields for ExxonMobil
Petroplex introduces Petrosol X-25, its first proprietary product designed to increase the effectiveness of acidizing treatments
Designated as Exxon’s primary acid service provider in the Permian Basin
Opens second location in Lovington, New Mexico
Lone Star, Venquest Capital Partners and Tony Cunningham acquire the Company
Strong investment in equipment, facilities and people to prepare for increased activity in the Permian