Founded in 1981, Petroplex Acidizing Inc.

provides acidizing and chemical treatments for oil, gas, and injection wells. Operations are performed throughout the Permian Basin with our two

Our Experience & Capabilities

  • Truck Transport Capacity up to 5,000 gallons
  • Pressure pumping from 500hhp to 2000hhp
  • Pressure pumping capability to 15,000 psi
  • CO2 experience
  • Custom Acid Blends
  • Anti-Sludge Systems
  • Proprietary Dissolving Chemicals- X25
  • Large customer alliance experience
  • Member of ISNetworld, fostering safer work environments

facilities located in Midland Texas and Lovington New Mexico. Petroplex also provides proprietary calcium sulfate / paraffin dissolving chemicals such as Petrosol X-25, custom hydrochloric acid blends, anti-sludge systems, and a complete line of other oil field stimulation blends and chemicals. Petroplex Acidizing offers a quality economical alternative to major service providers, yet has the ability to perform a range of services from the smallest of treatments to large complex jobs.